Reverberations of Praise

Praise has a way of reverberating off any sentient being it touches:  family, friends, employees, colleagues, clients, employers, networks, pets, the guy at the store where you get your coffee.

We don’t always get to see the after effects of our praise. But when you get praised, how does it feel?  Good, right?  Who doesn’t like to feel good?  This feeling is one that is easily spread to someone else, doubling, quadrupling your one praise.

Even if they don’t pay it forward, their improved mood will increase efficiency and enjoyment. Who doesn’t work better after someone compliments them?  Who doesn’t want to give more to a boss who appreciates them?  From well-placed praise comes more attention to detail and care given. Who wouldn’t want employees or colleagues who worked more like that?

Praise can take different forms.  Compliments is another way to think of it   Appreciation is praise for a specific act.  Encouragement is offering praise for a future action.  It says I believe you can do this thing.  You have what it takes. Don’t we all feel better if we’re acknowledged and believed in?

The reverberations go the other way too. How good does it feel to say something kind to someone and receive those good feelings shining back at you?  Even better to do it in person so you can see it.  Doesn’t a well-received compliment make you want to give more? This creates a new dimension for the praise reverberations to travel.

Praise and its sisters are long-lasting, too. Like chimes, their ringing lingers in the air.  If your praise is very specific and honest, coming from the right person, the receiver can cruise on it for quite some time.

Perhaps long after work, at home that night, its effects can be felt. You never know how far a good word can travel through a teenager onto the Internet. Days later, when the going gets rough, simple words of praise can come back and offer a boost.

It’s an easy thing to do in social media, too.  LinkedIn lets you congratulate people.  My suggestion is to give a little more than the standard, “Congrats!”  Take another minute or two to add a little praise or encouragement. Show that you really do acknowledge what they’ve done, specifically, and from the heart. Not just using a quick ploy to reach out.

When you read a colleague has done something special, send a quick email.  You know this person, you don’t have to go into too much detail. Just let them know you’re listening and you appreciate what they’re doing. Doesn’t take long at all.  So simple and yet it carries such profound effects.

Putting good energy into the world always has multiplying reverberating effects.

Networking Pledge: I commit to praising at least 3 people this week.

* I am taking every opportunity I can to praise those around me every day.

* In searching for something to praise, I am always coming up with wonderful things!

* I’m a praise-making machine and I’m making a lot today!  –Chellie Campbell

Stay tuned for the next Positive Slant On Business Profile about a spiritual entrepreneur who’s giving his authentic self to everything he does!



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