Asking for It

I’ve been told a lot lately to “ask for the business.”  I guess a lot of us have trouble doing that.  But it makes sense to ask for what you want.  How are others going to know if you don’t ask for it?

In Business, as well as in writing and in life asking questions opens new pathways. Asking for work is just one place.

Ask vendors for special terms. Either they’ll say no, they can’t do that. Or they’ll say, yes, we’d be happy to!  But you never know until you ask.

To improve your business, ask questions. If you’re struggling somewhere, ask for help.  There are so many organizations, just through the Small Business Administration. I love the Small Business Development Center.  Asking questions helps to find solutions.  In some cases, that could mean asking your significant other for more time to work on your business.

Ask your customers what they would like to see you do.  Danny Inny at Firepole Marketing, suggests that you go to your audience or customers first, before you make any moves at all. They are your biggest fans, after all.  See what they think.

Employees can be a wealth of information, if you but ask them. Pointed questions can reveal vital data on how to keep this crucial asset in good working order. If you have a management staff, ask them lots of questions, too.  All the time.  Keep finding out more about what’s going on by continuing to ask questions like How can I make this better?  How can I improve my service?  As you do this, answers will come, ideas will sprout.

Don’t forget the powerful question: How can this be done?  If you choose, instead to say, “It can’t be done,” you’ll get nowhere.  How much more exciting it is to ask how!

Can you think of other places where it would be helpful to ask?  Please leave a comment with your suggestions.


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