I have been a professional writer for over 20 years.  No matter what most of us do, we are likely to be engaged in business in some form or another.  I worked for a placement service and have done plenty of searching for jobs and work myself, as well as promotion for my work and others.  After having made an exhaustive study of the Art of Doing, I have a few things to say about it all.

There is a growing movement of people trying to conduct business with more heart and awareness. The Positive Slant on Business shines a light on the Good News to be had in conducting commerce in a new way.  My belief is that ultimately it all comes down to people to people.  Person to person.

Once or twice a month I post essays on tips for working more efficiently, effectively and easily.  Boosters and affirmations to keep you going.  Also posts on looking for work with more openness, promoting with more purpose, networking with more of an eye toward service, job searching and promoting yourself or your business with more heart.  In short, connecting more genuinely with others. Helping to infuse your interactions with more integrity, confidence and awareness.

As often as I can, you will find profiles of businesses that are doing it “right.”  Perhaps the company is deeply involved with the community, watching their footprint on the earth, or using and caring well for their assets (internal and external customers).  These businesses might be providing a unique service that benefits mankind.

If you are looking for writing services, please check out my website, The Word Tech.

In the interest of helping you narrow your choices and limit your emails, I offer a variety of Blogs to catch a wide range of tastes ~

If you are spiritually inclined, you might like The Positive Slant on the Path, Observations on the Spiritual Refractions in Everyday Life. New posts every week.

A Writer?  Or Aspiring Writer?  Try The Positive Slant on Writing, Observations on the Spiritual Refractions in Every Day Writing.  New posts every week.

For your reading pleasure, check out From the Files Blogs –

From the Files – Scenes and Musing.  Lighthearted essays on life, love, nature, divans, a better way to do insurance, note-taking and poetry . . . whatever catches my fancy..

From the Files – Rants and Raves.  These are soap box rants on things that get me riled up, as well as books, films, TV series and songs that move me.  Beware!  These are not all of the positive slant variety and may include strong language, liberal leanings and subtitles.

Coming soon: From the Files – The Word Tech’s Tool Box Magazine. A hodge- podge of lively and informative articles on practical matters such as organizing and designing, health and well being, education or looking for a new home.

Keep an eye out for From the Files – Fiction. Stories of magic and music.

Under construction at this time – You might want to check out my other website, UpWrite Words which is a clearinghouse for information on publications and spiritual resources.

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