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Changing the World One Business at a Time

I have a Vision of a world where we are aware that we are all made of the same elements and live in a state of gratitude to be on this unlikely beauty of a planet. Where everyone understands that what we give to another, we give to ourselves. Whatever we can do to make things better for someone else, the more our own lives prosper.

There is a Universal Law of Cause and Effect.  All who have tried it have seen that when you give, you get back a whole lot more. As creatures of energy, in an energetic world, we can have impact in a positive or a negative way.

I believe there are many businesses out there who are doing the best they can to work from a set of values, that speak to a concern for others and a respect for the Earth on which we stand. They have a sense of Service, Meaning and Purpose which overlays their ongoing commercial endeavors.

When small business combines resources with community, there’s not much that can’t be done. I envision a movement, spreading from business to business, person to person, community by community.  If we could all work from a spirit of cooperation, I believe, we could solve our global issues of Environment, Energy and Economics easily and move on from there.

My Mission in this cause is to shine a light on the good work small business owners are doing. To acknowledge all acts of charity, even those which can fade into the background behind a readiness to step in and help. I will be posting a series of profiles on these businesses.  Showing, I hope, how commerce rooted in service to others, can build a stronger, more loving society. And ultimately a better world for all of us.

There seem to be a lot of businesses ready to step forward and claim a Positive Slant on Business. So stay tuned! The first post will be on Laamsha Young, owner of Blank Verse Jewelry, designer to the stars. As the mother of two school-aged children, she is living her art and her service in one smooth motion.  Radiating her passion for things previously-owned and expressing that inspiration in one-of-a-kind, made-beautiful-again pieces of jewelry.  Catch Recycling Beauty later this week.

3 Simple Steps to Writing Cover Letters

Cover letters are so important these days, whatever you’re doing.  Writing a good letter is essential in this world of too much information.

You want your cover letter to say what you want to say quickly and clearly.  Tell your reader what you want them to give their valuable time to.  And try not to take too much time in doing that.

So, a simple formula:

1.  State Your Connection.  Right up front, in a sentence or two, remind the person how they know you, refer to some recent interaction or open on a friendly note with someone you know well.

2.  Make Your Pitch.  The heart of the letter is your sales pitch.  Your :30 commercial is a perfect thing to put here.  Can you quickly tell them the benefits, why it is worth their time to listen to you?  Keep this to a paragraph or less.

3.  Call to Action.  All business letters should end with this. What is it you want them to do?  Call you?  Go here?  Do that?  Make sure this is clear. There’s no cause to be flowery here. Just spill it out.

One last thing: Be sure your signature line makes it easy for them to contact you.

Networking Pledge
Networking is all about relationships. Connecting person to person.  Danny Inny of Firepole Marketing suggests that to get business in a hurry, you should go to every networking meeting you can and ask others about themselves and what they do.  Listen and learn.  Eventually, they will ask what you do.

Find one person, every day, that you can give something to: a piece of information, a hand, a smile, a response to something they’ve been waiting for, or just a bit of encouragement or appreciation.  How wonderful that can be in the middle of a hectic day!

If you reach out and give, you will get back.
“I pledge to reach out to at least one person every day with something I can give.”

I am easily seeing what’s needed that I can give!
    I am giving of myself every day.
       My connections are enriching both of us!