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Speaking Up for Good Service

Everyone’s got a story or two to tell. That really awful customer services experience when you got screwed every which way but up. We are often inspired to write to someone or complain to the manager.  Certainly, we will tell everyone we know.  It’s too strong to stay bottled up inside.

But what if we were that vocal about good experiences?  When was the last time you got fired up because a sales person listened to you and went out of their way to help you with your purchase?  We don’t, for some reason, feel so motivated to share these stories. Maybe it’s because the majority of the experiences we have are bad ones.

What if we did what we could to tell these stories more often? Things might change.  Next time someone gives you good service, speak up. (You’re likely to surprise them!) Tell them how much you appreciated it.  Notify their superior.  Tip a little more for exceptional service.  Write the letter of praise before the complaint.  See how good it feels for everyone!

Networking Pledge:  I pledge to compliment two people this week.

I am always saying “Well Done” to everyone around me!

I am finding more and more reasons to offer praise.

As I appreciate others more, I am feeling more appreciated.