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Mixing and Matching Connections

We all have many different spheres of influence:
* Family and Close Friends
* Business Associates and Colleagues
* Comrades (who you share a common and active belief with)
* Acquaintances
* Facebook Friends
* LinkedIn Network
* Networking Groups
* Service Providers

There’s a lot of support through those areas. Maybe you can think of even more.  Remember that you can tap these spheres for a variety of issues.   Don’t forget to check them all when you need something.

Networking is first and foremost about helping others.   If someone in your network asks for something that you can’t give, don’t stop there. Think about all the people in your many spheres who might be able to deliver what they need. It would be handy if the social media sites offered easy avenues to connect people from your different spheres, but it is still possible.  Maybe the guy who fixes your computer would get along well with your cousin’s new boss.  Someone in your church might need the services of your accountant.  A colleague of yours is looking for work and one of your Facebook friends is looking for someone with their particular skills.

Keep your ears and eyes open for interesting ways you can mix and match your connections.

Networking Pledge: I pledge to connect at least two friends this month.

 Everyone in my network helps everyone else.

My introductions produce great things!

 I am watching for ways my connections can support each other.